Determinant calculator

You can calculate determinant of the matrix in different ways and methods using our determinant calculator. Solution is free with step-by-step actions and explanations.

Determinant of the matrix is the sum of the summands of all possible products of the matrix elements, taken one from each row and each column of the matrix, and the sign of the product is determined by the parity of the permutation.

Matrix A:


This calculator will help you learn how to find the matrix determinant in various ways:

  • using the Gauss method
  • Using the Rule of Triangles
  • by the Rule of Sarrius
  • using the Leibniz formula
  • by the Gauss-Montante method (the Bareys algorithm)

Our service not only allows you to get a matifier, but also provides a sequence of solutions with comments and explanations online, for free. Also, a calculator can be useful in verifying the correctness of the self-executed solution.

Fill in the fields for the matrix elements and click the corresponding button.

  • Use + and - to select the desired matrix size. If you need a non-square matrix, then just leave unnecessary cells empty.
  • Enter the value of the matrix elements in the cells. Values can be:
    • whole numbers: 7, -3, 0
    • decimal (finite and periodic) fractions: 7/8, 6.13, -1.3(56), 1.2e-4
    • arithmetic expressions: 1/2+3*(6-4), (6-y)/x^3, 2^0.5
  • Click on the button with the name of the required mathematical operation.
  • Values in the solution results can be dragged with the mouse to different fields. For example, the resulting matrix can be dragged onto the source data field, for further resolution.

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