Calendar day counter

Calendar day counter (or age calculator, date calculator) will help calculate the amount of time between any two arbitrary dates. The calculator can calculate the time in years, months, weeks, days, hours, and seconds.

Enter date:
The chosen date:
12.05.2018 — it xx
xx day in a year, xx week
Enter date:
The chosen date:
12.05.2018 — it Tuesday
212 day in a year, 26 week
years months days

Results of time between the chosen dates are shown:

12.05.2018 and 12.05.2018

or, same interval of time:

in months
in weeks
in days
in hours
in minutes
in seconds

Determine birth date

If you need to calculate the time to the upcoming event or to determine the age of the person, enter the starting date (or birth date) in the line below. The date will be calculated from the day until today. Additionally, the number of days remaining from today to the next birthday will be calculated.

Specify date of birth (events):

Age (has passed time from the date of the event):
ууу years, zzz months, ххх days
Till a next birthday (or prior to an event):

Description of the calculator

With the help of a time calculator, you can calculate the time to an upcoming event online or determine the age of a person.

To use calculator, just enter initial and final dates and calculation will happen automatically.

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