System of linear equations, solution and compatibility research


Our online service allows us to solve systems of linear algebraic equations in various ways:

  • by Cramer's method (Cramer's rule)
  • inverse matrix method
  • by the Gauss-Montante method (the Bareys algorithm)
  • by the method of Gauss (method of sequential elimination of variables)
  • by the Gauss-Jordan method (the method of completely eliminating unknowns)

In this case, the service provides a sequence of solutions, not just the answer.

In addition, you can check the system of equations for compatibility.

  • Use the + and - signs to specify the required number of variables in the equation. If your equation does not include any unknowns, then just leave the fields blank (blank).
  • In cells, specify the coefficients (values) for unknowns. If the initial data indicates the value x1, x2 and so on, in the cell before the specified unknowns, specify the value 1.
  • Values for unknowns can be:
    • whole numbers: 7, -3, 0
    • decimal (finite and periodic) fractions: 7/8, 6.13, -1.3(56), 1.2e-4
    • arithmetic expressions: 1/2+3*(6-4), (6-y)/x^3, 2^0.5
  • Then click on the button with the name of the required mathematical operation.
  • The values in the solution results can be dragged with the mouse to the source data field.

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