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Matrix calculator solve operations step-by-step. Our free online calculator will help you perform operations with matrices: inverse, eigenvalue, rank, multiplication, eigenvalues and eigenvectors, transpose, determinant and other operations.

Matrix A

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A field for manually entering a mathematical expression for operations with matrices


Matrix calculator allows you to perform mathematical operations with matrices online. Using our calculator you will be able to perform the necessary calculations with the matrices, resulting in the required response and detailed solution sequence. Using Matrix calculator, the matrix can be added, subtracted, multiplied, found the rank and determinant, find the eigenvalues and vector, raise to the power, and perform many other operations.

Fill in the fields for the matrix elements and click the corresponding button.

  • Use the plus and minus keys to select the desired matrix size. If you need a non-square matrix, then just leave unnecessary cells empty.
  • Specify the value of the matrix elements in the cells. Values can be:
    • whole number: 7, -3, 0
    • decimal (finite and periodic) fractions: 7/8, 6.13, -1.3(56), 1.2e-4
    • arithmetic expressions: 1/2+3*(6-4), (6-y)/x^3, 2^0.5
  • Click on the button with the name of the required mathematical operation or in manual mode enter the mathematical expression in a special field.
  • Values in the solution results can be dragged with the mouse to different fields. For example, the resulting matrix can be dragged onto the source data field, for further resolution.
Matrix calculator online

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